Law firm

Bosnić Tabain


  • Marine
  • Aviation
  • Claims handling
  • Contractors' all risks
  • Cyber risks
  • Personal injury
  • Directors' and officers' liability
  • General liability
  • Product liability
  • Property demage
  • Reinsurance
Corporate and commercial law
  • Advisory services related to the establishment of companies, preparation of all necessary documents for the establishment of companies, and representation in court registration procedures
  • Preparation and consultation on the organization of general assemblies of companies
  • Consulting and preparation of documents required for status changes of companies
  • Preparation of organizational documents, such as rules of books for the work of the management board, on the work of the supervisory board

Maritime law
  • Registration of ships in the register of ships
  • Status issues (mortgages, foreclosures on ships, ship exploitation contracts…)
  • Consulting charter companies
  • Marine concessionaire consulting
  • Ship repair consultants
Labor law
  • Preparation of labour and managerial contracts
  • Termination of labour contracts
  • Preparation of organizational documents, such as work rule books, collective agreements, salary compensation regulations, etc.
  • Representation in labor disputes

Mandatory law
  • Indemnity
  • Collection of receivables
  • Advising on concluding construction contracts, realization of construction projects and resolving construction disputes
  • Representation in public procurement procedures
Protection of intellectual property rights
  • Search for trademarks and patents
  • Registration of trademarks and patents
  • Monitoring the validity of registered trademarks, patents, and extending their validity
  • Domain name registration

Property law
  • Property testing for a real estate buyer
  • Registration of real rights in land registers
  • Transfer of ownership
  • Examination of property ownership
  • Representation in ownership and property disputes
Bankruptcy law
  • Initiating bankruptcy proceedings
  • Representation in bankruptcy proceedings
  • Representation on creditors' committees
  • Representation in pre-bankruptcy proceedings

Structuring mergers and acquisitions
  • The composition of the company division plan
  • Drafting of procurement regulations and other necessary regulations depending on the activity
  • Conducting legal due diligence
Inheritance law
  • Representation in regulating the rights of heirs
  • Making wills
  • Drafting a contract on lifelong support

Alternative dispute resolution
  • Representation in arbitration disputes at the Permanent Court of Arbitration at the Croatian Chamber of Commerce
  • Representation in conciliation proceedings at the Croatian Association of Insurers or Croatian Mediation Association
Distraint law
  • Representation in distraint proceedings
  • Redemption mortgage and fiduciary

Public procurement
  • Legal advice to the client when compiling the tender documentation and drafting the documentation
  • Legal advice to bidders in the preparation of bids and preparation of documentation
  • Filing legal remedies against tender documents or decisions of contracting authorities
  • Participation in all stages of the proceedings

Who we are?

About us

Our lawyers handle both contentious and non-contentious matters, and provide a range of specialist legal services, for many industry sectors. Insurance claims and coverage expertise is deeply ingrained in our office.

We specialize in insurance and reinsurance, maritime affairs (representation of P&I clubs in compensation proceedings, representation in compensation proceedings for bodily injury and death, collisions, stranding, rescue, pollution, development of legal framework related to financing and purchase of vessels, registration of vessels in register, mortgage on vessels, construction and repair of vessels, contracts for charter of vessels and bills of lading, stopping of vessels and / or enforcement, seaports, marinas), aviation, banking and finance, construction and engineering, health, railways, real estate, international trade, transport and logistics…

Due to the rich past experience we have particular expertise in litigation and dispute resolution, especially in defending insurance and liability claims.

What we do?

We’re here to deliver straightforward advice, even when the issues are complex. Our expert knowledge of our chosen industries means we’re the best people to help you navigate challenges, today and tomorrow.

Our clients are global, and so are we. We have the scope, scale and expertise to be there for you, whenever or wherever you need us to do business.

We explore issues from different angles and offer you a global perspective, tailored to your local environment. We help you think ahead and we empower you with a diverse range of ideas and tools to make your lives easier. But it’s often our insights and support beyond the law that really make a difference to your business.